Third Party Lab-Tested • 200 mg • 10 Doses

Ain't It Sweet?

Introducing Sweet Life by QWIN!

Syrup comes in 3 delicious flavors with 200mg of the same Delta-8 as our signature Delta-8 cartridges! Each 200 mg bottle is marked for easy dosing — giving you ten 20 mg doses per bottle.

Get :) with Kush Series!

Our Kush Series features strain-specific profiles inspired by some of today's most popular cannabis genetics!

Our Original Series features 5 delicious flavors that cover the gamut in regards to effect.


Whole-Plant Hemp Extracts


Awesome Product

Bought this because I can’t smoke straight THC. Helps me relax & allows me to still function without paranoia I get from THC.

Eileen Y.

Amazingly Helpful

This is really great. I love the Rainbow Kush and am going to try others. It’s almost better than THC in a way.

Sara H.

Helped Back Pain

Delivery driver here and these seriously helped with my back pain from driving so much! Bonus that they smell amazing.

Madi S.