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Find Your Vibe

Find Your Vibe: Meet all of QWIN’s Delta-8 strains 

Delta-8 is new to the cannabis scene, and we like to think of it as CBD’s vibe-ier cousin. The “high” is more of a calming “buzz” with less paranoia and mental fogginess than THC. You’ll feel a buzz without all the negative side effects. Like cannabis, each Delta-8 “strain” has a unique flavor profile and experience.

Ready to choose your vibe? 


Our Kush Series features strain-specific profiles to give you a sesh inspired by some of today’s most popular cannabis genetics!

Thug Passion


Strain: Sativa with Jack Herer genetics.

Experience: Blissed out, clear-headed high to give you that creativity boost when you just can’t deal anymore.

Puff Berries


Strain: Hybrid with Runtz genetics.

Experience: The feeling of grabbing a big bowl of fruity pebbles on turning on Saturday cartoons, complete with bubbling over giggles.

Brotha Louie


Strain: Indica with King Louie genetics.

Experience: Grab your favorite snack, turn on your favorite show, and get ready to kiss stress goodbye.



Our original line up of delicious Delta-8 flavors designed for any mood!

Fruity Gangster

Flavor Profile: An earthy, lemon flavor.

Experience: The upbeat, happy energy of a Saturday afternoon.

Strain: Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Rainbow Kush

Flavor Profile: A spicy blend with a hint of fruity flavor.

Experience: Like a jumpstart for creativity. This will give you the calm focus you get when working on something you’re passionate about.

Strain: Indica-dominant Hybrid

Orange Squeeze

Flavor Profile: A sweet, citrus flavor.

Experience: Reach for this one when you need to turn your afternoon slump around. It’s super upbeat.

Strain: Sativa


Flavor Profile: A sweet, earthy citrus and berry flavor.

Experience: Like a brisk morning hike, it unlocks your mind and makes you want to explore.

Strain: Indica-dominant Hybrid


Flavor Profile: Notes of grape and blueberry.

Experience: Like a hot bath, this strain helps aches and pains melt away.

Strain: Indica-dominant Hybrid with Moonies genetics.

Delta-8 is the perfect companion for your next outdoor or indoor adventure. Try it during your post-workout nap or whenever you want to reset your vibe without getting too “high.” With eight QWIN strains to choose from, you can really fine-tune your experience. Why pick one when you can try them all?