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What is Green Magic?

This is a story about the inspiration behind the creation of Green Magic. I firmly believe in the inherent potential within each of us, equipped with power and abilities waiting to be discovered. Moreover, I hold the belief in a higher plane of existence, where spirits, energy, and a greater force intertwine in a vast network, much like threads in a fabric, connecting every being and element of nature. However, through modern lifestyle, we’ve disconnected ourselves from this natural harmony, resulting in mental and physical ailments as we drift further from nature. Despite turning to modern medicine for solutions, we often find ourselves further disconnected from our true selves. Through practices like meditation, plant medicine, and intuition, we can reestablish our connection with the natural world, unlocking dormant abilities and tapping into higher knowledge.


When creating Green Magic, we contemplated the mystical, enchanting, mind-clearing experience one encounters while walking through nature and how nature comprises a collection of microorganisms that work harmoniously together to exist.


It began when I took a journey with a friend to Banff, Canada, a few years ago to celebrate our birthdays. We spent a week in a camper van driving up and down Alberta Icefield Parkway, exploring different spots along the roads. With no set agenda, we camped, explored, and enjoyed the beautiful lakes, forests, and trails. In every place, we stayed for as long as we wanted until we were ready to move on to the next spot. Toward the end of the trip, we found an incredible spot along a lake and Mt. Waterfowl and decided to take a hike and a magic mushroom trip. We set up a campsite and prepared for our journey by drinking some orange juice and meditating for 5-10 minutes. Once ready, we started with a hike through the mountain looking for this body of water at the top. The trip was unpleasant as we both had nausea and were being eaten alive by mosquitoes the entire way. Upon arrival, we swam, explored, and then decided to return due to the unpleasant trip, longing for the comfort of our campsite. Plus, our “trip” didn’t even start yet. When we came back, there was still a good amount of daylight and a good amount of mushrooms left, so we both agreed and ate the rest of those mushrooms. A bit past noon, the trees provided ample shade. I remember watching the forest slowly transform into a magical wonderland. Through the growing shadows of the trees, you could see the beams of beautiful colors shining through us. You could see little sparkles floating in the air like fairies coming out to start their days.


As we cruised through this patch of greenery, we made it to the other side where the lake was. It was magnificent, with the backdrop being this handsome mountain called Waterfowl. I became so mesmerized by him. I decided to stay along the lake and had the urge to start stretching. That year I had a minor injury to my left hip. While stretching, I focused all my energy on that area for a few hours. I felt the mountain come alive—I could see and feel energy transferring down its face into the ground, under the lake, and into my body, gently repairing my hip. We were connecting. I saw him, but what I realized was I saw Them. I witnessed numerous faces emerging on the mountain, fading in and out of view. I saw a bridge form between us, physically and spiritually connecting me to the mountain. We were conversing telepathically and physically. It was feeding my body its energy.


At that instant, I experienced discomfort in my injured left hip and I directed all my energy towards that area, while simultaneously establishing a connection with the mountain. Over a few hours, I felt the mountain come alive, and we started to connect. I could see and feel energy transferring down the face of the mountain into the ground, under the lake, and up into my body, specifically, my hip. I saw him, but what I noticed was it was Them as I saw so many different faces appear on the mountain. I felt like we were physically connected. I saw a bridge form between us. We were conversing telepathically and physically, it was feeding my body its energy.


After a few hours of stretching and connection, I felt like the time was ending, so I went to find Hieu. At this moment, I noticed two things: My hip did not hurt anymore, and it felt great being barefoot. It wasn’t great, but incredible. Before, I was indifferent to being barefoot. But now it felt like I was connected and grounded to the earth, feeling details and energies I never noticed before.


The incredible thing about nature and these types of experiences is that they reconnect you to your natural state and allow you to return from the journey as a different person. Though I’ve always been spiritually aware since I was young, and as a young adult, I found myself deep into practicing yoga. I found this as a mechanism to tap into a higher and powerful self. Maybe more like unlocking a dormant power hidden inside of me. The power of plant medicine if you allow it can hear, connect, and empower you unlocking these innate abilities that we’ve always had.


This is Green Magic. Green Magic seeks to recreate this transformative experience, offering a portable portal to inner peace and connection for those unable to immerse themselves in nature’s embrace. I hope that it will inspire you to find a similar experience to your higher self and to tap into a larger network beyond yourself. Ultimately, finding that your peace is all within you.

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