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PUFFY Pens: How to Use and Troubleshooting Tips

We love disposable pens. What’s not to love?! They’re discrete, easy to grab-n-go, and QWIN has a variety of strains and cannabinoids to choose from. Literally, it might be our desert island pick if we had to pick just one QWIN product. Plus, it won’t leave you smelling like cannabis either.

Back To Basics:

Let’s cover the basics of how to use the PUFFY pens. They are similar to other disposable pens — an inhalation device that heats the cannabis concentrate to a vapor that can be easily breathed in. It’s discreet and can be done indoors without making the place smell of smoke. 

Our PUFFY pens have an auto-draw when you inhale — no push-button required. This is a nice feature and means you won’t accidentally heat up the cartridge if the button gets pushed in your purse, pockets, or backpack. Smoke coming out of your purse always raises eyebrows. *facepalm* 

The pens are also made with a rechargeable battery 280 mAh battery, which means no more wasted concentrate in your pen if you run out of battery power. Simply charge the PUFFY pen with the micro-USB port and enjoy the rest of your buzz. Seriously, we hate wasting a cartridge to a dead battery. 

Troubleshooting Your Pen:

Here are some common issues that can be easily resolved in a few steps:

  1. My pen isn’t producing smoke. 

This is likely because the battery is dead. You can recharge the battery with the micro-USB port. Once the battery is recharged, you should be able to use your pen again.

  1. I’m getting concentrate/e-liquid through the airflow and/or mouthpiece. 

This can happen if the concentrate hasn’t heated up efficiently and isn’t producing vapor. We recommend warming the pen with your hands before inhaling to ensure that the concentrate changes into vapor more effectively.

  1. I’m getting a dry/sore throat when I inhale.

This may seem obvious, but try to take a sip of water. We’d also recommend pausing between inhales to avoid drying out your throat too much. 

Some other tips that we have found helpful: 

  • Never leave your pen in the car. You want to store it in a cool, dry place to protect the concentrate from degrading.
  • Try taking short inhales to let the concentrate settle. Rapid, extended inhales can sometimes force too much air into the chamber and cause concentrate to come out of the mouthpiece.

Wondering How To Choose Your Next Strain?

First, there are the options of Delta-8 or THC-O PUFFY pens. We recommend Delta-8 for those just starting out on their cannabis journey or for seasoned cannabis users looking for a way to micro-dose throughout the day. THC-O is a much more visual experience with a body similar to magic mushrooms. While we love them both, they have very different highs.

When it comes to choosing your strain, we offer a range of Hybrids, Indicas, and Sativas to curate your experience. Our Indica strains are designed to be a more relaxing, calming high. In comparison, our Sativa strains are more uplifting with a heady high. And our Hybrids are a combination of the two.

Enjoy your trip!