THC-A Flower - Wedding Pie (Exotic) (Indica)

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Quality: Exotic

Strain Type: Indica

THCA Potency: 22.63%

Wedding Pie stands as a testament to exceptional quality and a delicate balance of strains. Crafted through the fusion of Wedding Cake and Grape Pie, this indica-dominant hybrid exudes an exquisite aroma reminiscent of a fruity dessert, characterized by its sweet, lemony, and gassy notes. Upon consumption, Wedding Pie's has been said to have been reported to have effects that swiftly usher in a profound sense of tranquility, showcasing the skillful interplay of its genetic components. 

Disclaimer: THC-A products are not shipped to any state referenced in the "THC-A State Restriction Schedule". Check out our "Is THC-A Illegal?" guide for more information.