THC-A Flower - Cherry (Exotic) (Hybrid)

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Quality: Exotic

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Potency: 17.58%

Cherry presents a delightful aroma blending sweet and fruity scents with distinct diesel undertones. Boasting a harmonious blend of indica and sativa effects, its buds feature vibrant orange pistils nestled among light green leaves. Cherry's carefully cultivated buds offer a delectable cherry flavor upon exhale, evoking memories of sweet cherry candy and offering a smooth inhale. Users have reported relaxation without excessive sedation, heightening sensory perception and making outdoor activities more enticing.

Ingredients: Industrial hemp flower <0.3% THC

Disclaimer: THC-A products are not shipped to any state referenced in the "THC-A State Restriction Schedule". Check out our "Is THC-A Illegal?" guide for more information.