Delta-8 Kush Series Bundle

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Introducing our NEW Kush Series Bundle! 

Our Kush Series features strain-specific profiles inspired by some of today's most popular cannabis genetics!


Flavor Profiles:

Thug Passion: Find bliss with Thug Passion, derived from Jack Herer with a tropical blend. (Sativa)

Puff Berries: Get lifted with Puff Berries, derived from Runtz with notes of sweet berries. (Hybrid)

Brotha Louie: Relax with Brotha Louie, derived from King Louis XIII with calming berries.  (Indica)


Ingredients: Whole-plant hemp extract (Δ8 derived from Cannabis Sativa L. lab-tested <0.3% Δ9 THC) and botanical terpenes.

1100 mg by weight.

Test results available here.