2G CART - Sunset Dream (Super Blends)

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What are Super Blends?

Super Blends were carefully crafted to mimic the live resin experience. We drew our inspiration from the cannabis plant. Creating unique cannabinoid formulas with terpene profiles that mirror today’s most popular strains. By blending hemp-derived Delta-9-THC, Delta-8, THC-A, HHC, CBN, and CBG with terpenes we are able to curate an experience as complex as your traditional cannabis strains.

Enjoy an even bigger dose with our 2g Super Blend PUFFY pens.

Sunset Dream: (Sativa) It tastes like an orange mandarin cream popsicle.

Ingredients: THC-A, HHC, Delta-9-THC, CBN, CBG, botanical terpenes, and cannabis-derived terpenes.

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