Puffy Delta-9 THC Syrup

Sweet Life’s Puffy Delta-9 delivers a potent 200mg dosage of Delta-9 in every 2 oz bottle. Our syrups are preservative-free and derived from hemp, ensuring extra potency. With a 30% sugar content, it is best enjoyed with sparkling water or club soda. Our bottles are designed with handy dosage indicators on the side, allowing for effortless measurement of 40mg doses per bottle.

Upon opening, please refrigerate and consume within one week.

Tropic Punch: Let the vibrant flavors of exotic fruits dance on your palate, offering a tropical escape in every sip.

Berry Delight: Let each sip take you on a journey of vibrant berries, creating a flavor symphony that tantalizes your taste buds with every delicious note.

Georgia P: Savor the juicy, sun-kissed essence of perfectly ripe peaches, creating a taste that’s as refreshing as a Southern breeze.

Strawmango: Indulge in the harmonious marriage of sweetness and fruitiness in every sip.

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Sweet Life’s Puffy Delta-9 Syrup presents a potent 200mg dose of Delta-9 in every 2 oz bottle. Crafted from hemp and free of preservatives, our syrups are created with concentrated sugar. Imagine your cozy afternoon tea or refreshing seltzer getting a magical upgrade with Sweet Life’s Puffy Delta-9 Syrup. Our bottles feature easy dosage indicators, ensuring each sip delivers a perfect 40mg dose of delight.

Sweet Life’s Puffy Delta 9 Syrups
Sweet Life Delta 9 THC Syrup is a highly potent, delicious, and federally legal treat. We packed these bottles with five 40 mg servings of Delta-9 THC combined with flavors like Tropical Punch, Berry Delight, Strawmango, and Georgia P for a fruity, tart, and powerful experience. Each 2 oz syrup contains natural flavors and fewer additives, making them the perfect addition to your favorite drink or as a standalone shot.

Our Delta-9 syrup lines contain high THC levels, delivering fast-acting and long-lasting effects. Every batch is tested with a licensed third-party laboratory to ensure potency claims are accurate and our products are safe to ingest.

What is Delta 9?
Delta-9 THC is a chemical compound known as a “cannabinoid” that occurs in hemp and cannabis plants. In fact, Delta-9 is the most popular and abundant cannabinoid known to deliver the euphoric high you seek. Several studies also find medicinal use for THC ranging from pain relief to sleep support and mood elevation.

You can consume Delta-9 from high-THC cannabis strains. Additionally, you can find hemp and cannabis-derived Delta-9 THC cookies, gummies, syrups, concentrates, and edibles. Delta-9 THC is either legal or illegal, depending on the source from which you find it and the state you live in.

In the U.S., Delta-9 is federally legal as long as it comes from hemp plants that contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by dry weight. These rules are laid out in the 2018 Farm Bill. On the other hand, high-THC cannabis strains containing more than 0.3% THC are federally banned. At Sweet Life, we only produce Farm Bill-compliant Delta-9 products.

What is Delta-9 THC Syrup?
Our Delta-9 THC syrup is a liquid form of concentrated Delta-9 THC mixed with purified water, cane sugar, and natural flavors. As a liquid, THC syrups deliver quicker effects than solid-form edibles, such as gummies or taffies, because they are highly concentrated and absorb more quickly into the bloodstream.

In addition, Sweet Life’s syrup is vegan and marked for easy dosing, giving you five 40 mg doses per bottle. This syrup can be easily added to beverages like sodas, lemonades, or straight if preferred.

Delta 9 Benefits and Effects
Sweet Life’s potent Delta-9 syrup line is smokeless, allowing you to get high without the lung-irritating drawbacks of inhaling flower. These THC syrups kick in fast–usually within 30 minutes and provide the same long-lasting effects you expect from edibles.

Potent Delta-9 THC products, like the Sweet Life’s syrup collection deliver varying benefits from person to person. Delta-9 research suggests that THC helps can alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and sleep issues.

Research shows THC syrup may effectively relieve pain by binding with receptors on peripheral nerves to block pain sensations. Other theories indicate THC can alleviate pain by simply changing your perception of the feeling; in other words, THC’s dopamine-boosting psychoactive properties can help take your mind off of the discomfort.

Users report THC syrup can relieve anxiety by clearing the mind of racing thoughts, relaxing the body, and enhancing their overall mood. At high doses, THC can also aggravate anxiety, so it’s essential to find the right concentration for you.

THC reportedly fights inflammation by reducing cytokines, an immune signaling protein. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help combat pain, muscle spasms, and inflammatory bowel issues.

THC increases sleep-promoting adenosine levels and suppresses the brain’s arousal system. This action produces a well-known sedative effect that can help you doze off faster, enter a deep sleep state, and stay asleep longer.

Effects range from person to person, but Sweet Life’s Delta-9 syrup servings contain incredibly high THC levels for an intense mind and body experience. Most people like to take their servings at night to chill out, relieve pain and sleep all night long.

Are Delta 9 Syrups Legal?
Our Delta-9 syrup line is legal nationwide and federally compliant because all products are hemp-derived and compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill’s 0.3% THC concentration limit. Some states may have restrictions that could prevent Delta-9 access, so it’s essential to check your local laws and regulations.

Common Questions about Delta-9 Syrups
Do Delta-9 syrups get you high?
Yes, they do. Legal Delta-9 syrup can create the same effects as a high from marijuana, depending on the dosage. With each dosage containing 40mg, our THC syrup is absolutely going to give you a euphoric buzz.

Are Delta-9 syrups safe?
Delta 9 Syrups are safe to ingest as long as they contain premium ingredients. However, THC affects everyone differently, and potent products may increase the risk of paranoia or anxiety. New users should take a small dose to begin and wait 30 minutes to feel the effects before taking more. Other risks include dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and excessive fatigue.

How much THC is in 1 QWIN Delta-9 syrup?
Sweet Life’s Syrup contains 200 mg of THC in each 2 oz bottle broken down into five 40 mg servings. Its high THC levels are no joke, so adjust the serving size to your experience level and always start at a low dose if you’re unsure how much to take.

How long does it take for Delta-9 syrups to work?
Delta-9 syrup products generally take about 30 minutes to start working. Weight, metabolism, gender, and how recently you’ve eaten all affect how soon and long the effects of Delta-9 Syrup will last.

Does Delta-9 show up on a drug test?
Delta-9 can appear on all typical drug tests. These include standard tests such as urine and blood analysis. Results do not distinguish between hemp and marijuana THC.

Research has shown that the body excretes 80-90% of THC metabolites within five days; however, some studies have noticed that THC lingers in the system for up to five weeks.