Delta-9 Syrup Berry Haze

Drinkable and delicious, Petite Mignonne presents a selection of microdose cannabis meticulously crafted for a delightful experience. Our sirops are infused with extracts sourced from premium California hemp, ensuring a potent concoction of naturally occurring cannabinoids CBD and THC. Each unique flavor is thoughtfully paired with our favorite cannabis genetics, leveraging their terpenes to deliver uplifting to mellow effects.

Utilizing cutting-edge nano-technology, our sirop is water-soluble, facilitating dissolution in any water-based liquid. This feature not only ensures versatility but also promotes swift absorption by the body, leading to a blissful experience within just 15 minutes.

Each sirop contains 15mg CBD and 10mg THC per bottle.

If you’re seeking an alcohol-free alternative that maintains the festive spirit, Petite Mignonne Sirop is an ideal substitute for beer or wine during your nights out with friends. Wake up the next morning feeling rejuvenated without the hangover. Rather stay home? This product line is perfect for unwinding after a long day at work. Simply mix them into your preferred sparkling water, indulge in your favorite Netflix series, and melt away into your couch.


  • Berry Haze (Sativa)

Product highlights:

  • Single-dosed micro-dose
  • 10 mg delta-9 thc 15mg CBD
  • Infused with Strains: targeted effects
  • Nano-technology for fast-acting effects
  • Childproof
  • Packed with flavor
  • Legal
  • Great replacement for alcohol
  • No hangover
  • Mix into any beverage

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Why Micro-dose?

Cannabis can sometimes produce potent effects that feel overwhelming. If you’ve encountered this, micro-dosing could offer a better experience. Micro-dosing THC entails consuming smaller amounts to achieve desired benefits without becoming excessively high. These small doses can help manage pain, enhance sleep, and alleviate stress without the drawbacks of feeling overwhelmed or sluggish.

Our syrups provide an ideal method for micro-dosing, as you can easily measure your intake. When micro-dosing THC, it’s essential to start with a small dose and gauge its effects. With our syrups, you should begin to feel the effects within 15 minutes, allowing you to adjust your dosage accordingly.

What is cannabis sirop?

Drinkable and delicious cannabis, refreshing, and sociable as your favorite cocktail, without that dreaded next-day hangover. It’s your new go-to party drink and your excuse to politely decline that beer. It’s basically the best thing to happen to drinking since drinking. You’re welcome.

What is nanotechnology?

Nano-technology is making particles even smaller than they already are, aka nano size. When you ingest cannabis by eating it, it normally is digested in your stomach where it is converted to a molecule called hydroxy-11 which creates that heavy long-lasting sedative type of experience that you get when you eat a gummy. With nano-technology, we’re making cannabis particles so tiny that they can skip your gastrointestinal tract and pass directly into your bloodstream for a faster experience and not as intense as eating an edible.

Why infuse it with cannabis terpenes?

Infusing our drink with terpenes is like having the perfect driver for your THC journey. If THC is the engine propelling you through strawberry fields, terpenes are the skilled drivers determining the route. They serve as the guiding force, steering the wheel of your high, and contributing to what we like to call the “entourage effect.” Just as a skilled driver enhances your road trip experience, terpenes enhance and shape the unique effects of THC, making our drink a meticulously crafted and enjoyable adventure. Cheers to a tasteful and precisely driven experience!

Is THC legal?

The legality of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) varies depending on the jurisdiction. In some places, THC is legal for medical or recreational use, while in others, it remains illegal. Many places have policies regarding the amount one can possess and the permissible THC content in products.

Legal in the United States
Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Guam, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington, D.C.

Countries in North, South & Central America where THC is legal
Argentina, Belize, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Jamaica, Mexico, Uruguay

Countries in Europe where THC is legal
Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain

Countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East (Note that some of the countries where CBD is legal but not THC won’t feature on this list.)
Israel, Lesotho, South Africa, Thailand