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Pleasure and Passion: 8 CBD Products to Feel All of the Feels.

Let’s just face it — the grips of life can make us treat ourselves a little unkindly sometimes. Whether you’ve been putting off a much-needed vacation or that special “me-time” has been in rare supply, treating yourself may be just what you need. This Valentine’s Day, you could hunt Netflix for a good movie and chill with bae. Or, you could make this year a solo mission.
Though they may seem like an unlikely pair, cannabis and romance go together. This powerful plant contains various chemical compounds necessary to get you in your feels, but today we’re focusing on cannabidiol. Also known as CBD, the cannabinoid contains a myriad of therapeutic benefits ideal for achieving the most satisfying sensations. From herbaceous cocktails to ultra-cool chocolates, companies in the cannabis industry have begun to master the balance between cannabidiol and love. To make things a bit easier, we’ve narrowed down our eight favorite CBD products to transform the “day of the romantics” into a self-love sesh — because you know you need it. For a stronger and more vivid experience, you can also check out QWIN’s delta 9 products, that can boost your mood (any mood) in no time.

Arousing Oils

Awaken by Foria is a natural arousal oil that has to be one of the sexiest self-care products of all time. This oil isn’t your typical lube by a long shot: it’s infused with hemp-derived CBD and several plant-based aphrodisiacs to put you in the mood and, dare we say, even get the job done. Awaken by Foria is known for its pain-relieving and calming effects that will simultaneously heighten your senses, leaving you to melt at the touch. While you’ll have no issue with dryness or arousal, we should share, that it shouldn’t be used with latex of any kind but only be paired with oil-safe options. So dismiss suitor invitations for a night of catering to yourself.

Booze-Free Beverages

A night out full of alcohol is all fun and games until you wake up the next morning if you’ve overdone it. Instead of going out, you can stay in do your mind and body right — all while avoiding painful hangovers. How? The power of plants, of course. The folks over at Proposition’s CBD Cocktails have learned how to craft that perfect boozy beverage without the alcohol. By combining hemp-derived CBD and all-natural adaptogens, these compounds create a non-intoxicating yet arousing concoction that gives a healthy dose of stress relief. Crafted in flavors like smokey margarita and turmeric ginger mule, they’ll be just as enticing as your favorite bartender’s recommended cocktail.

Sensitive Serums

For some of us, sexual pleasure isn’t easy. Penetration of any kind can be painful depending on what we’ve been through or what our bodies experience in the moment, which tends to put a damper on sexy time. Thankfully, Quim has designed the Smooth Operator Serum for women in need of a little T.L.C. during sexy time. Using only organic, vegan ingredients, this intimate serum was crafted to increase blood flow in all of the right places, relax pelvic muscles, and reduce overall inflammation. 
Another treat is the added aloe vera, which helps to improve vaginal elasticity, allowing your body to easily accept whatever comes its way. The intimate serum is great for new mothers, women with ovarian pains, and those with sex-related PTSD, and may be directly applied to any intimate areas for almost instant pain relief. Oh, and this gentle serum is also safe to use with latex condoms.

Tasty Aphrodisiacs 

Treat yoself — literally. Claimed to be one of the best sex drugs in the world, 1906’s Love Chocolate edibles are one of the tastiest ways to get you feeling aroused. 
With careful selection, 1906 combines chocolate with some of the most sense-enhancing herbal aphrodisiacs in nature like muira pauma, interestingly referred to as the “Viagra of the Amazon” as well as ashwagandha. Other than naturally increasing arousal, ashwagandha also contains therapeutic properties that can do more than boost your libido, so eating these edibles essentially means you really love yourself. These herbs and plant-based ingredients have a slower onset than most herbs, but be patient. You don’t want to accidentally consume more than your body needs. You should start feeling your muscles relax and your sensations peak around 30 minutes or less.

Pain Relieving Lotions

Not specifically marketed for sex but rather for overall relief from the stresses of our chaotic lives, Vertly’s CBD-Infused Relief Lotion can be rubbed all over the body or just in certain areas to help your mind and body unwind. It was infused with 150mg of full-spectrum CBD, embracing all of the added terpenes and cannabinoids that the cannabis plant encompasses, as well as peppermint hydrosol and aloe vera for a soothing, cooling effect on the skin. 
Whether you had an intense workout or an invigorating adventure of self-pleasure, this pain-relieving body lotion is the perfect step to end the night on a high note, without actually getting high. 

Indulging Chocolate Bars

Everybody knows you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day without chocolate, especially Grön. Grön’s wide selection of CBD Chocolate Bars is ideal for this romantic holiday, as chocolate’s arousing properties and CBD’s calming ones are the perfect mixture to get you feeling pleasured. 
Now, Grön’s edibles aren’t exclusively crafted to get your libido up, but they may happen naturally through their exceptional variety of ingredients — after all, they’re able to increase blood flow to even the most delicate parts of the body for getting your “creative” juices flowing. (Yes, we’re talking about down there.) Easily meltable and delicious, there are no rules with this sensual snack.

Nourishing Oils

Nothing quite gets the night going like a good bath, especially on V-day. High on Love knows this better than anybody, and that’s why they’ve created an infused premium-grade hemp seed oil that takes sensations to a whole new level. Coming in a lofty, translucent container, this oil can be easily poured into your bathwater. What’s even more? It also contains nourishing mineral oils as well as Vitamin E, all of which work to enhance hemp’s skin-healing properties. This rich oil will cradle you into calm, almost as if you are one with the universe — just be sure not to fall asleep whilst bathing.

Sensual Lubricants

Made for every person and every body, Privy Peach’s easy-to-handle formula CBD-Infused Personal Lubricant is the ultimate in self-care, promoting pleasurable and passionate sensations. Each of these vegan lubricant packets contains 25mg of organic, hemp-derived CBD — an ideal dose to get your heart pounding, blood flowing, and muscles relaxed. If sex causes you pain or discomfort, this lube can help ease even the most intimate pains, allowing you to fully enjoy your experience once your body absorbs the all-natural ingredients. As for its use with latex condoms, we say a hard no.

Gifting Yourself a Dose of Self-Love 

You might have never known it before, but this all-encompassing cannabinoid is key in giving your body all the feels, especially when paired something as sensual as chocolate or satisfying as a lubricant. If you’re down to explore whether or not it lives up to its hype, it’s important to keep in mind that CBD is a personal experience.  It’s also good to mentally jot down that we are good for nothing if we can’t learn to love ourselves, let alone others. It’s not about being happy all of the time. It’s about finely tuning your attention to your overall wellbeing, even in times of restlessness, sadness, or despair. 
Having that said, once you find what makes you feel your best, we say g’head — romance yourself and show yourself just how much you appreciate you on Valentine’s Day.