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One37pm x QWIN: The Family Leading the Charge in Modern CBD Technology

In this article, Nicole Walsh of One37PM interviews QWIN co-founder Phiton Nguyen to discuss the dynamics of a family business and the research and design process that led to QWIN.

Here’s an excerpt shedding some light into just HOW MUCH went into developing QWIN:

“One37PM: Was it difficult to develop? What challenges did you face?”

“Phiton N: The development process was very challenging and took nearly two years to complete. The primary difficulty was engineering a system that delivers compounds to a body that can’t easily break them down, while also keeping the cost low for users. Most companies in the industry don’t undertake these challenges all at once and instead specialize in one aspect of the business: building the hardware, formulating the oil, selling the end product. The car industry, for example, has manufacturers that make cars and oil companies that produce the gasoline they will run on. In this analogy, QWIN is reconceptualizing both the way traditional engines work and the fuel they work with. So to get the performance quality we were aiming for, we had to custom make approximately 95 percent of the conventional components in a vaporizer and restructure the chemical composition of CBD oil.”

Find out more in the full article here.