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Looking for Vegan-Approved Edibles? Try Sweet Life Syrup

Does it feel like none of the edibles on the market are actually vegan? We created our line of Sweet Life Delta-8 syrup with vegans in mind. Our signature formula is vegan-approved and super sweet.

Quick reminder, Delta-8 is another compound found in cannabis and hemp — similar to CBD and Delta-9. The feeling is a calming “buzz,” more noticeable than CBD, and less paranoia and mental fogginess than THC. You’ll feel a buzz without all the negative side effects. 

Why aren’t gummies vegan?

Edibles are a great way to enjoy a high-quality, long-lasting buzz. However, most gummies are made with gelatin, an animal by-product, and are not vegan-friendly. This leaves vegans wondering what other edible options are out there.

Sweet Life Syrup is Vegan-Friendly:

We created Sweet Life syrup specifically for vegans. The syrup is made with water, sugar, natural flavors, MCT and citric acid to give you a sweet syrupy texture. Keeping our ingredient list small ensures that everyone can enjoy Delta-8 edibles no matter their dietary restrictions.

The sweetest high…

“Sweet Life” Syrup is specially crafted to taste sweet and delicious. No earthy cannabis flavor, just syrupy sweet goodness. We’re obsessed with crafting the perfect treat to give you an extra sweet high!

With three flavors to choose from, blueberry, nectarberry, and strawberry mango, you can get creative with mixers to create tasty cocktails or find the one that you like to sip on. “Sweet Life” Syrup is versatile. It can be a drinkable, flavor additive, or even a topping on your favorite dessert.

Delta-8 syrup can be an alternative to alcohol when you’re trying to take a break from drinking. You can also use Delta-8 when you’re taking a tolerance break from cannabis. Our syrup is easy to dose, and there are so many drink flavors that you can create.