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Forbes: Meet The Family Behind QWIN

Warren Bobrow, from Forbes, interviews our co-founders Mimi and Phiton Nguyen discussing what it’s like running a family business and their journey with CBD.

Here’s a snippet of the article:

Warren Bobrow: “Please tell me about yourselves? Where are you from? What was your path to your healing with cannabis? Who were your mentor(s)?”

Phiton Nguyen: “Growing up in Orange County’s Little Saigon as second-generation immigrants from Vietnam, my sister and I had an ideal environment to explore our mutual interests in nature and health. I was interested in cannabis plants from an early age and even grew 8 plants in our backyard when I was 13. Most recently, I spent several years in the e-cigarette industry pursuing another interest born out of curiosity more than personal use, and learned the mechanics of vaporizer technology. At the time, devices on the market were complicated to use and sometimes downright unsafe, usually designed for self-learned or inexperienced users. I was intrigued by the challenge of engineering a vaporizer that was well designed, safe, high quality, and practical for ex-smokers who wanted to offset health risks. Our parents have been our greatest supporters and mentors. They overcame unimaginal hardship as refugees during the Vietnam War and were able to start a renowned record company, Lang Van once they came to America. Their entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen has guided many of our critical decisions as a young company.”

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