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Welcome to the Sweet Life: Learn more about Delta-8 drinkables

Change up the way you consume cannabis with Delta-8 drinkables. Yes, drinkables. “Sweet Life” by QWIN’s delta-8 syrup might be our new go-to way to consume delta-8. Syrup is made with our signature delta-8 formula to give you a clean, calm buzz.

Quick reminder, Delta-8 is another compound found in cannabis and hemp — similar to CBD and THC. The feeling is a calming “buzz,” more noticeable than CBD, and less paranoia and mental fogginess than THC. You’ll feel a buzz without all the negative side effects.

These flavors will give you the sweetest high…

“Sweet Life” Syrup is specially crafted to taste sweet and delicious. No earthy cannabis flavor, just syrupy sweet goodness. We’re obsessed with crafting the perfect treat to give you an extra sweet high!

With three flavors to choose from, blueberry, nectarberry, and strawberry mango, you can get creative with mixers to create tasty cocktails or find the one that you like to sip on. “Sweet Life” Syrup is versatile. It can be a drinkable, flavor additive, or even a topping on your favorite dessert.

A Delta-8 you can drink:

“Sweet Life” Syrup bottles include marks for easy dosing. Whether you’re looking for more of a daytime buzz or a bedtime tonic you can create the drink for your vibe. Here are our recommendations for each type of buzz:

Daytime Buzz: Add 1/4 to 1/3 of the bottle of Syrup to your favorite sparkling water for a calming afternoon high.

Party Drink: Swap the alcohol in your cocktail with 1/2 the Syrup bottle to feel open and euphoric.

Bedtime Tonic: Mix an entire bottle with seltzer water when you need help falling asleep.

Delta-8 syrup can be an alternative to alcohol when you’re trying to take a break from drinking. You can also use Delta-8 when you’re taking a tolerance break from cannabis. Syrup is easy to dose, and there are so many drink flavors that you can create.

What else can you do with the syrup?

Get wild with where you use Syrup. You can drizzle it on ice cream, brownies, pancakes, or muffins. Try mixing Syrup with smoothies and drinks. You can even add it to baked goods to create a yummy edible. “Sweet Life” Syrup is your discreet, legal way to chill.
For a greater experience, try our Delta-9 syrups as well.

Elena Schmidt


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