PUFFY 3G - Girl Scout Cookies (THC-O) - Indica

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Girl Scout Cookies (Indica-Dominant Hybrid): Modeled after many cannabis connoisseurs' favorite strain, GSC, our Girl Scout Cookies strain will give you sweet relief with its minty cookie flavor. Ingredients: THC-O, Botanical Terpenes, CBN, and CBG.

What is THC-O?

THC-O is a hemp derivative that can only be produced in a lab through an acetylating process. THC-O is the acetate ester form of Delta-9-THC. In other terms, Delta-9 is the analog version while THC-O is the synthetic version of the compound. Like other hemp-derived cannabinoids, you will feel the effects of THC-O. For many, THC-O has more potent effects than marijuana-derived THC. The other distinguishing effect of THC-O is its psychedelic properties. Users have noted experiencing visuals similar to psilocybin; some even say that THC-O can be a very spiritual experience. Like any substance, the effects can vary from person to person.

Now, even bigger! Our THC-O PUFFY vape pens contain 3 grams of concentrate. These vape pens will last three times as long as our original PUFFY pens!