THC-A Flower - White Truffle (Exotic) (Indica)

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Quality: Exotic

Strain Type: Indica

Potency: N/A

Delve into the world of White Apple Tart, a balanced hybrid combining White Runtz and Apple Fritter strains. This strain is reported to offer a distinctive combination of energy, upliftment, and focused clarity. With a pronounced gasy aroma, it appeals to hybrid enthusiasts seeking a captivating experience. The blend of sour and tart flavors, enhanced by a sweet undertone, creates an invigorating profile that's perfect for daytime use.

Ingredients: Industrial hemp flower < 0.3% THC.

Disclaimer: THC-A products are not shipped to any state referenced in the "THC-A State Restriction Schedule". Check out our "Is THC-A Illegal?" guide for more information.