PUFFY 2G - Peach Persy (Super Blends HHC) - Hybrid-EU

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Our HHC Super Blend disposable was made for the user who wants our signature flavor-packed terpenes with a touch of real cannabis live resin. Meticulously formulated, our unique blend of HHC, HHC-O HHC-P, minor cannabinoids, and hand-selected live resin creates powerful effects. 

The best feature of our disposable vape is the unlocking of the entourage effect. Through the heavily researched ratios of multiple cannabinoids, we have successfully harnessed the synergistic interplay that amplifies the distinct properties of each cannabinoid. This intricate fusion culminates in a holistic and potent experience that surpasses the isolated effects of individual cannabinoids. The entourage effect unfolds a spectrum of possibilities, notably elevating relaxation, inducing euphoria, and contributing to a heightened sense of well-being.

  • HHC: 42%
  • HHCO:42%
  • HHCP: 2%
  • CBN: 2%
  • CBG: 2%

Why do we use Live Resin? - Because it has terpenes and cannabinoids you can’t isolate.

Live resin contains the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids that are only found in cannabis and cannot be found in extracts like distillates and isolates. Crafting our formulas with live resin pulls together the individual cannabinoids to create a true cannabis experience and taste.

Effects-driven terpenes - Because when used properly you can target and craft the experience.

Terpenes, just like cannabinoids, independently have effects and influence the overall experience that you will have. We spend much time searching for rare terpenes and studying their abilities. We choose specific strains and terpene isolates with the intent to deliver a designed and true-to-strain type (Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica) experience.

Why do we use oil from the USA?

Not all distillate is made the same. Think about water, does water taste the same everywhere? Absolutely not. Even though it's the same molecule there are minerals, etc that will change the taste of it. Even if the water is distilled it will taste different. Oil is the same, the technique of extraction, and the initial input, will all affect the result. We choose only the highest grade material made from the best extraction labs in the US that use the best quality hemp flower.

European HHC has issues: We have had a lot of complaints about HHC products in Europe giving people headaches, and making them feel sick. Just use German Google and search HHC. It is ridden with terrible reviews of HHC products. 

Our products are tested 3 times before we release them into the market. We test the material, we test the r and d, then we test the final product.

Uncut No other additives - diluent.

There are many reasons why a company would choose to dilute its product, profit, or compatibility with hardware. We do not dilute our products because we want the cleanest, untainted, and maximum potency for our clients. Our hardware is specifically designed to use with our thick high potency formulas where there is minimal clogging and zero leaking.

We do not use cutting agents: propylene glycol, Medium-chain Triglycerides (MCT), Vegetable glycerine, or Vitamin E Acetate.

Accredited labs 

It's important to understand that all labs have a level of variance and are not able to guarantee an accurate calculation. Every lab has different tools, and processes that affect the lab results. Labs will often give themselves a margin of variance (error) in the calculation, ranging from +/- 0.5-5%. So labs should be used to give a general idea of what the final product contains. It is also important to use labs that are accredited and held to some level of standard. This will give more of a consistent result.

How to use our Super Blend Vape?

Depending on which formula you choose, sativa, hybrid, or indica. We suggest you always start with 1-2 puffs about 2-5 seconds long, and wait about 15-20 minutes before you decide if you want to try more. Every person will experience cannabis differently, you should take your time to understand how your body reacts to cannabis.