PUFFY 4.5G - Creepin&

PUFFY 4.5G - Creepin' (Hybrid)

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Elevate Your Vaping Experience with Puffy 4.5G: Upgraded Features for Unparalleled Enjoyment. Experience the Power of the Preheat Function, Engaged by a Double Press, Effectively Eliminating any Clogs from Cooled Oil. Unleash the Versatility of Variable Voltage, Triggered by Triple Press, Offering Two Distinct Power Settings: Low for Sublime Flavors and High for Intense Clouds. Prepare for a Vaping Adventure Tailored to Your Desires!

Creepin' (Hybrid)Electrifying crisp green apples paired with one of our favorite strains Gelato-41 will have you floating in zero gravity.

Disclaimer: Begin with the lowest setting for the best smoking experience. Starting with a high setting could result in the oil burning, leading to an unpleasant burnt taste and harshness to your throat.