What is Delta-8?


What is Delta-8-THC: How is this cannabis compound extracted?

Curious about what makes Delta-8-THC so buzzy?

Delta-8-THC a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp. While similar in name to the Delta-9, the cannabinoid known as THC, Delta-8-THC does have some slight differences in its chemical make-up. Growers and extractors use selective breeding and molecular isolation to extract the compound. 

While Delta-8-THC might sound like it would feel similar to THC because of the name, it has lower cognitive and physical effects than THC. While you might feel super “chill” with a bit of the “munchies,” you won’t feel the intense high that can sometimes lead to paranoia and mental fogginess.

How is Delta-8 made?

You’re familiar with THC, CBD, and CBN. But there are more than 100 other cannabinoids found in cannabis. Similar to CBN, Delta-8-THC occurs when THC degrades. Through selective breeding, growers can increase Delta-8 in the cannabis plant.

Another way to extract Delta-8 is by converting CBD into Delta-8. Because CBD is extracted from federally legal hemp, it’s protected by the farm bill. This makes Delta-8 that's converted from CBD legal.

How is Delta-8 chemically different from Delta-9-THC?

The two cannabinoids are similar in name and also in structure. They both contain double bonds on their molecular chain, but Delta-8’s double bond is found on its 8th carbon chain while Delta-9-THC is found on its 9th carbon chain. 

Delta-8 is also more stable than Delta-9-THC. Delta-8 doesn’t oxidize to become another cannabinoid, unlike Delta-9-THC, which quickly degrades to become CBN. This chemical difference may also be why the experience of Delta-8 is more mellow than THC.

Okay, you’ve made it through all the science stuff. Now let’s understand how Delta-8 feels and why you might want to try it. 

Most people report feeling euphoric or calming “buzz” along with a bit of the “munchies.” Some benefits include increasing appetite, reducing nausea, boosting your mood, and having a calming effect. Like THC, the experience can vary based on your tolerance levels and the setting. We find it’s best to start with a small dose and monitor how you feel. Taking it slow will ensure you have the best experience for your tolerance level.