THC-O-Acetate: What is it, and how is it made?

It might seem like a new cannabis product is being released every week, and you might be right. We’re excited to introduce the latest cannabinoid — THC-O-Acetate. Similar to Delta-8, THC-O is another compound that can be extracted from cannabis or hemp. THC-O occurs when THC undergoes acetylation. 

What does Acetylation do to THC?

Acetylation is a process that creates the precursor to active drugs — a.k.a. “Prodrugs” — this chemically modifies the active drug to increase bioavailability. A common example of this is aspirin. Salicyclic Acid is acetylated to make aspirin more effective as a pain-reliever and decrease stomach irritation.

When THC undergoes acetylation to create THC-O, the process helps boost bioavailability — making THC-O two to three times stronger than THC.

How safe is THC-O?

THC-O, like other cannabinoids, is found naturally in cannabis and hemp plants. It can be commercially synthesized to create larger amounts for consumption. Some common methods for extracting and synthesizing THC-O require dangerous chemicals such as pyridine (known to cause nervous system damage) or acetic anhydride (a highly corrosive and hazardous chemical). 

Recently, chemists have developed food-safe mixtures to acetylate THC to create THC-O. These food-safe mixtures make the THC-O extraction process safe for both the producers and consumers. Our THC-O is always produced using food-safe chemicals to ensure nothing harmful is in our products.

Can I get high from THC-O?

The short answer: Yes. THC-O is an active chemical that will give you a “high” 2-3x as potent as THC. 

THC-O takes slightly longer for the body to process than THC or Delta-8. Most users notice the effects in about 45 minutes to an hour after inhalation, and the effects typically last between 4 and 5 hours. 

Many people report less paranoia than THC, an increased feeling of one-ness and emotional openness (similar to psilocybin), and mild psychedelic visuals. You also may feel an intense body high similar to Delta-8.

Okay, now to the good stuff:

At QWIN we’re always adding new products. THC-O will be available in our world-class PUFFY disposable pens and will be releasing flavors of our fast-acting Syrup and new Salt Water Taffy.