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A Micro-Vacation: The Cure For Sunday Scaries

Feeling burnt out? Overwhelmed? In desperate need of a vacation? If you only had a few days to blissfully zen out and enjoy that getaway state of mind, you’d feel ten times better. Your vacation self is so much calmer, sexier, more self-assured. If only there were a way to bring her back!

You start feeling the Sunday scaries kicking in. You feel the creeping sensation of stress sinking into your skin. All of those to-dos that you said you’d finish are piling up. You have a sinking feeling you’ve forgotten something important… 

Then, Monday hits — but not that nice weed numbing way. In a way that makes you want to roll over and call your mom.

Take a breath. Inhale. And enjoy a micro-vacation with QWIN.

What Happens When You Don’t Let Yourself Take A Break?

Let’s rewind and take a look at what happens when you don’t give yourself a mental break…

  1. Lack of sleep
  2. Increased stress and anxiety
  3. Feeling overwhelmed and depressed
  4. Loss of creativity
  5. Easily losing focus

But not everyone has the luxury to take a vacation or even a stay-cation. Being far too busy and stretching yourself thin is not sustainable and can seriously harm your mental health!

You’re not alone. We’ve all been stuck in that vicious cycle. But, fear not.

Introducing The Micro-Vacation!

A micro-vacation is an expertly planned hour, day, or even weekend. It’s a moment to indulge your senses, zen out, and leave all that stress behind — no need to leave the house. Save your vacation days and enjoy an experience at home.

The Positive Benefits of a Micro-Vacation:

  1. A scheduled moment that you can look forward to all week
  2. Unplug and disconnect from the chaos
  3. Take one whenever you want
  4. It’s your life. You deserve to live it to the fullest! And brag about it on Instagram. 😉

The key to a successful micro-vacation is planning out the moment that you want. Whether it’s a sweet escape by popping in our Strawberry Shortcake flavor and indulging your senses or a little island getaway complete with some tropical house music and coconut fragrance — you get to set the mood.

Ready to decompress? Plug in our Supergreen CBDRx (packed with healing full-spectrum CBD), grab your favorite face mask and unwind. The key to a well-planned micro-vacation is listening to your body and giving it what it needs.

Ready for your next micro-vacation? What are you planning to do next?